Saturday, January 23, 2010


took river and koty to see avatar last sunday. LOVED IT! good grief it cost $27 dollars for an adult and two children under 12 at the early show. you had to pay extra for the 3D glasses. i guess it was worth it the 3D was subtle but effective. they didn't even ask to go to the snack bar during the show. it was almost 3 hours long.

i took them to a regular restaurant so we could practice our manners. no burping or acting crazy, like we do at home. i still have the record for the loudest burp. they will never top me.

we had to wait almost an hour for the show to start, so we went to the book store and koty bought a comic book, river didn't want one, but of course, when we got back to the show he wanted one. kids. then they decided they wanted to get their pictures made, then they wanted to get in the wind machine. $2 to get wind in your face, crap they could of stepped outside for that for FREE! kids.

i'm working at gail's saturday, come see me.

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