Sunday, June 7, 2009

i sold a quilt

i am trying to make myself finish a quilt that i sold before i made it. this won't happen again. i like to do my quilting when i am in the mood. it's not something i would make for myself so that is another hurtle i have to jump to make myself work on it. i am glad that i haven't been paid yet as that would be another form of pressure that i don't enjoy. i promise the quilt is square, when i took the picture i was home alone so i had to lay it in the floor. i also separated those two red blocks that are sticking out like a bloody thumb.

that's right, sometimes we wear diapers on our heads...

i don't know how this got started, i only know that when riley is in the mood for diapers on the head you better be willing to participate or go home. no one is exempt.

Wichita Mtn Quilt Guild robbed

i guess you could say this is old news, at least according to our local newspaper and television station, but our guild cargo trailer and it's contents was stolen May 13, 2009. it was the evening of the last big storm we had with the straight line winds that shredded everyone's roof. the rat bastards just backed up to the trailer and took off right before the storm started. may they rot in hell and their lives turn to crap. there, i feel better. there is also a description of the trailer on our website.

i case you don't want to go to the website here is a brief description: 2000 (year) 6' X 12' enclosed black Cargo Craft trailer, tandem axle, side door on right, double doors on back, chrome fenders. chrome trim missing from left back door. slight damage to upper left corner of back of trailer. trailer was full of quilt racks. the trailer also had custom shelves inside. contact carol capshaw 580-365-4555, pam wisner 580-429-8280, or kathy burnett 580-429-3558.

i get really upset when i think of how hard our guild worked to raise the money to buy the racks and trailer and someone who has no moral values or respect for anything just ripped it our from under us. i have to believe that this happened for a reason. we are not supposed to ask why. i have to forgive and move on.

chiseled in cloth workshop

if you ever get the chance to take a workshop from margaret bucklew, grab it. pam, kathy, becky, and i took a workshop with margaret at happiness is quilting quilt shop in mckinney, tx. we had a great time on the road, at the dive hotel, during the class, and on the way home. when you are with great friends what else can you do but enjoy yourself. check out these websites, and you won't regret the visit.

i will post pictures of the other girls portraits after our guild meeting monday. hopefully i will be able to add a pic of mine later on today. i should be working on mine right now but you see what i am doing. good thing i don't try and make a living at this quilting thing. although i could eliminate exercise as a weight loss option, cause i'd be starving to skinnyville.

i have also been rusting fabric. i should of taken a picture of this before i tore it in half. it's still pretty cool. if you are interested in rusting fabric you are in luck because it is the easiest dying technique that you will ever do.

things you will need:
cotton fabric i used pfd (prepared for dying) because that is what i had

rusty objects i found mine in our barn happy hunting!

vinegar i used cider vinegar because, you know, that is what i had

a container that you won't mind if it gets rust stains in it and you won't mind that you can't use it for anything else unless you plan on spending a good amount of time scrubbing it clean.

table salt

synthrapol i used it because, you know or dawn dishwashing liquid or whatever laundry soap that you have

saran wrap to cover the pot or a plastic bag to put the stuff in. the pot covered with saran is better i think because the sun can get in there and really bake it

wet your fabric with the vinegar

manipulate the fabric any way you want, fold it, roll it, scrunch it up, wrap the fabric around the rusty things or put them on top you will have to experiment with this step. you get different results each time.

this is the objects that i used and the pot i put everything in. i haven't told my husband that i used the pot he cooks beer in yet.