Sunday, December 27, 2009

damn snow

i just thought i was going to okc today. everything was going good until i slowed down to make sure no one was coming from either side, that's when the trouble started. in other words "i ain't goin nowhere". now i have no excuse not to work on those pesky miters. damnit!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"don't fence me in"

it may no be much to anyone but me but at my guild for me to win a challenge that is something. the majority of my guild is very traditional and that ain't bad but it ain't me. i love the strange and unusual. when pam announced that i had won first place i was really surprised.

the challenge was "Go Green". everything was supposed to be recycled. nothing bought except your thread. i used old clothes that i had intended for a class at houston. for some reason that i can't explain i save the underwires from my bras. when i buy a new one i always take the underwires out. hate 'em. it just came to me one night while i was trying to shut down and go to sleep. i thought of the wires as horrible fences that keep things in. then the old song title "don't fence me in" came in my head. breasts come in all shapes and sizes as in mountains, so i made the mountains look like breasts with nipples as the mountain tops. i didn't show it to any of my sewing group since the judging was supposed to be anonymous. some of them said they knew it was me when they saw it.

to make things even better the gift certificate is from the shop where i work. i know just what i want. merry christmas to me!