Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i made new purse

went to norman saturday and took a class from ann gaines on how to make a grommet purse. it was an indigo junction pattern but she has changed it enough, and may i add simplified, that it is a different pattern now. we all added out little changes. it turned out great, i love it and everyone that sees it loves it. can't wait to make another one.

my sewing group wants to make one so i guess we are all going to have new purses. it is so roomy inside with pockets of all sizes. the purse would make a good diaper bag.

had a great day at gail's yesterday. that place is busy and crazy all day long. i love it.....

Friday, November 13, 2009

halloween 2009

another successful run for the candy...
river was a US Marine, koty was a zombie cowboy, cash was a mummy, and riley was Derek Jeter #2.

i made caramel chocolate covered apples with m&m's and toffee bits. wouldn't want to make those for a living. i bought a big bag of the good chocolate candy and we had 0 trick or treaters so i proceeded to eat most of the candy. save me from myself.

angela did a good job with the boys costumes. they are easy to please and very authentic. thank goodness i just had to mess with one costume.

riley and i spend the day before looking for his since the plan his mom had for his didn't work out. courtney had to work and skip didn't have a clue so it fell in my lap. we had fun. couldn't afford to go to very many stores looking for stuff since riley thinks he gets a prize every time we walk through a new door. anyway we found everything we needed in walmart. what would we do without it. i hate it but end up there regardless. skip got the right font for me and we fused and stitched him some numbers and all was happy. he was more proud of the numbers than anything else.

foot in mouth

angela (ex dil) came into the house last week and asked me why koty was digging holes in the side yard. i busted outside to really scold him for digging yet another useless hole, when i came around the corner his uncle skip was digging by this time. i asked, with hands on hips, what are you doing??? koty looked up with his never ending jaggedy smile and said i am putting this wooden cross up that i made so every day when river and me get off the bus we can say a prayer for uncle cody in iraq.

hands on hips pulled foot out of her mouth turned and quietly went back in the house wiping tears. i couldn't have loved him more at this minute.