Thursday, October 8, 2009

i need duct tape!!!

i will in the future be carrying a roll of duct tape with me where ever i go. why do i feel like i have to volunteer for everything that comes along before anyone has even asked for help? good grief charlie brown save me from myself. my bffs know what i am referring to. they try to to save me from myself but one of them can't always be near. when i am left to my own devices i will surely get myself in trouble.

the dye workshop i taught was a success. everyone had great results. i surprised myself, didn't know i had it in me.

guild garage sale was another success. everyone turned out and worked hard. couldn't ask for more. looking forward to announcing to the guild what we made.

on to more funner things... got a new computer this week. haven't transfered my files and things so no pictures. going to get a new camera this weekend so i can shoot till i drop in houston. the convoy starts tuesday morning. can't wait.

on a scale of 1-10 things are pretty much at a 9. i try to be a glass half full person my sidekick is a glass half empty. guess that is why we make a good pair. when i get too full of myself she lets me know and when she is almost empty i fill her back up. as a matter of fact all the people in our group compliment each other. what are the odds in a random group of people thrown together by chance getting along so well. my parents didn't give me sisters but as usual fate stepped in and gave me these women. i couldn't be happier.