Saturday, May 1, 2010

riley's trick

you have to hide when you are filling up riley's sippy cup so he doesn't show you the trick his daddy taught him. he is so talented.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

i love amazon

let me just say that i love amazon and i want to have their babies!

i dropped my kindle last wednesday night and it died. i wanted to throw up. the kindle was a christmas present from my son, skip, and my, pregnant/i want her to have a girl, daughter in law, courtney. their stock is rising. i finally got the nerve to call and hear the bad news that they were sorry about my bad luck, but no they said, "no problem", we'll send you a new one. yeah! i couldn't believe what i heard. a company that really takes care of their customers. go amazon.

went to the okc winter quilt show. vendors were great, but as a fat, never satisfied american, i wanted more quilts. i heard through the grapevine that next year there will be more.

i am going to finish the quilt guilds 2011 raffle quilt today. i want it off my back. this is almost the last thing i have to finish before i can start working on the things that really satisfy me. pam, my sometimes partner in crime, and i are clearing off our schedules. we have made a vow not to volunteer for anything this year. we got ourselves overwhelmed by saying yes to too many things. we are finishing the things we agreed to and not volunteering for anything in the future, for awhile. if i do get weak and say the "Y" word i will lie and not tell pam. she will get the royal duct tape out and use it on me.

i took this picture of koty the other morning before he got on the school bus. what a sweet boy and beautiful sunrise. oklahoma has the most wonderful sunsets and sunrises. someone told me it was from the wind blowing all the red dirt in the air. whatever it is, it works. i love OK. check out the date on the picture. who knows?

Saturday, January 23, 2010


took river and koty to see avatar last sunday. LOVED IT! good grief it cost $27 dollars for an adult and two children under 12 at the early show. you had to pay extra for the 3D glasses. i guess it was worth it the 3D was subtle but effective. they didn't even ask to go to the snack bar during the show. it was almost 3 hours long.

i took them to a regular restaurant so we could practice our manners. no burping or acting crazy, like we do at home. i still have the record for the loudest burp. they will never top me.

we had to wait almost an hour for the show to start, so we went to the book store and koty bought a comic book, river didn't want one, but of course, when we got back to the show he wanted one. kids. then they decided they wanted to get their pictures made, then they wanted to get in the wind machine. $2 to get wind in your face, crap they could of stepped outside for that for FREE! kids.

i'm working at gail's saturday, come see me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Quilt Auction

i am shamelessly promoting our quilt guilds quilt auction, not to mention that my quilt is featured on the postcards being mailed and handed out. i am slightly getting the big head. the auction is being held to raise money to replace stolen property used by our guild for out-reach programs, quilt show, charity quilt projects and whatever else we can get involved with.

the auction is being done through Bridges Auction. you can view the quilts on their website go to calendar and click Wichita Mountain Quilt Guild. the quilts, may i add are wonderful.

if anybody reads this tell all your deep pocketed friends.

wish us luck.

Monday, January 4, 2010

maddy's fund raising quilt

my sewing group and i are making progress on maddie's quilt.

i am making a quilt for my cousin, sandy hunt, to use to raise money for her granddaughter, madison hunt. madison was diagnosed with leukemia in november. you can keep up with madison's progress on (madisonhunt1).

keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

santa was gooooood to me!

i was a good girl last year cause santa was very good to me. skip, courtney, and riley got me a kindle and river, koty, cash and angela got me my very first authentic coach purse. no knock off's for this chick. i can't wait to go to starbucks and hang my new purse on the chair and sit and read my kindle. how cool will i be. ha ha ha

couldn't post without adding pictures of my sweet babies. i'm hopeless. there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.